6 Top Reasons for AC Repair

Your air conditioning system can run strong for months and years without the need for repairs, but the moment an issue arises, it seems to take forever for the repair technician to arrive. It is time to get a refreshing drink, turn on a fan and read the following six top reasons we all have to call on AC repair at one time or another.

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Thermostat Quits Working

An electrically controlled thermostat that gives you error messages, refuses to maintain programmed settings and does not adjust the temperature or change modes is most likely faulty. Battery powered units can often work well after replacing the batteries. Most HVAC systems run using smart technology, which requires a constant connection to electricity through the “C” wire.

AC Will Not Turn “On”

If the thermostat is working on the HVAC system and it still refuses to turn”on,” you need to have the system serviced right away. It could indicate a replacement unit is necessary if it is old and has been acting up for any length of time previously.

Lack of Cool Air

A sudden drop in cooling effectiveness usually means it needs a refrigerant check. Adding more of this chemical should improve the cool air production. You can also experience a sudden loss of cooling when the blower fan quits working.

Noisy Blower Fan

Excessive noise and a crunching or squealing noise from the area of the blower fan mean you have bearings that are fixing to go out on the fan unit. You need this serviced right away. At any moment the fan can seize up, and you will no longer feel cool air coming from the vents in your home.

Frozen Coils

Finding ice coating the coils and feeling zero cold air out of the vents usually mean a refrigerant leak. You can sit with a hair dryer removing ice all day long. As soon as you set the hair dryer aside and start the air conditioner, the ice will build up again. The leak will need repairing before the problem goes away.

Accidental or Storm Damaged Unit

Running into the outside portion of your HVAC unit with a vehicle, loaded dolly, or any number of mechanized equipment can seriously damage the system. Dropping tree branches, high winds, and pelting hail from storms can also cause your system to need a lot of repairs. Call a service technician out as soon as you notice the damage.

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