Taking a Good Care for the Fireplace

If you use your fireplace regularly, you will need to keep your chimney in good working condition. Here are some tips that will help you with that.


Have Your Chimney Cleaned At Least Once a Year

Checking your chimney condition and clean it regularly are the best way to take care your fireplace


The best way to keep your chimney in good shape is to have it cleaned out at least once a year. If you use your fireplace regularly during the winter, you might want to consider having it cleaned twice a year. In any case, there are plenty of chimney sweeps that will be able to clean out your chimney. Simply search for “chimney sweep Maryland” on Google to find a good chimney sweep near you.


Clean Your Fireplace

Although you can’t really sweep out your own chimney without some professional help, you can at least clean your fireplace. Before you light a fire in your fireplace, clean as much of the soot and ash from your firebox as you can, especially if you haven’t used the fireplace in a while.


Look for Signs of Damage

You probably shouldn’t be climbing onto …

Fireplace Remodel

Usually someone will become unhappy with the current look or function of the existing fireplace. But, knowing that we didn’t have it in the budget to transform the fireplace the way that we wanted to (with beautiful tile, etc)…I decided that I could still transform this beast into something a lot more appealing, but without spending much money at all.

Performs along with fireplace remodeling and fireplace construction in Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and throughout the entire Denver Colorado metro area Fireplace design usually takes on the theme of the basement such as stained wood mantel or a more formal painted white mantel.fireplace remodel

But because it instantly transformed the fireplace into the contemporary, industrial style we wanted, the time and work was well worth it. The addition of the solid-wood mantel with a natural edge and DIY fireplace screen infuses interest and texture into the room.fireplace remodel

For this you will either have to remove all the old material (such as stone or bricks), go directly over the brick (as long as it’s flat) or you’ll want to build a wood frame around it to attach your drywall to it. This is one of the more expensive ways to remodel a …

Outdoor Fireplace Remodel

Whether you are planning to build a fireplace, go for a fireplace makeover of an existing one this page can help you plan the most important aspects; the look and savings! This is in contrast to a two story family room in a western lodge style home, were a massive Stone masonry Chimney works well. Limestone or soapstone can also be used as a fireplace cobblestone for an exceptional fireplace. Why: Replacing a fireplace wall is mostly an aesthetic choice, but besides pleasing you now, an updated fireplace can also can add resale value.

But here at Jiminy Chimney, we think the fireplace should enhance the space it’s in and bring you joy when you gather around its warmth. Before completing any fireplace remodel project it is a good idea to call a professional chimney sweep to consult with your designer or remodeler regarding codes and clearances and to have the chimney inspected.

Partners with highly-skilled & qualified contractors to deliver the custom fireplace remodel of your dreams. Next, we continue to add charm and beauty to the fireplace by adding more decorative stone and embelish the hearth with tile. While this decision is largely stylistic, it can have an …

Brick Fireplace Remodeling Options

When my husband and I purchased our home three years ago, it was an outdated mess, but it had great bones and a floor plan we loved. If a contemporary look is what you’re after, consider metallic colors like a stainless steel for your fireplace remodeling project. Count on our fireplace & stove professionals and the specialty subcontractors we partner with to deliver the fireplace upgrade of your dreams without the stress or headache of a DIY job.

Simple remodeling like paint touch ups or installing a new mantle piece are easy to do and this can drastically change the appearance of an old fireplace and it’s also a great way to save money! Before, this fireplace was bland and left the homeowners bored with its lack of aesthetic design.fireplace remodelfireplace remodel

He used a paint around the fireplace brought out some of the warmth in the tile. The typical Fireplace Remodeling project involves tasks that are best performed by experienced professionals. Many newer homes and condos have ones that are built directly into the wall and great remodel ideas start with adding a mantel or surround to bring more attention to the area.fireplace remodel

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Remodeling The Fireplace

Changing the look of a fireplace involves more planning than most people realize. If you want to give your fireplace a facelift and revitalize the look and feel of your hearth, contact us today. When we begin your Rumford fireplace project we make sure it’s safe and meets modern building code standards. Another way to save time and labor cost, as well as recognizing some savings on the cost of materials, is to consider pre-made panels for the fireplace surround.fireplace remodel

A few things you may notice if you install manufactured stone is the corner edges are a little too perfect for what you would find in nature. Will build custom fireplaces and decorative fireplace almost exactly like the fireplace design we create. Gas or Electric Fireplaces typically require less Facing than wood fireplaces and the fireplace owner’s manual or its manufacturer can provide minimum clearance information.fireplace remodel

If you feel that your wood-burning fireplace requires too much maintenance, consider replacing it with a gas burning fireplace. As a Masonry Contractor in the Seattle area for 35 years we have remodeled hundreds of older Fireplaces, the best of two worlds is we can not only beautify your Fireplace but it can be …