Designing Small Kitchens

As the heart of the home,” the kitchen is certainly where it’s at – and Homedit definitely wants your heart to be happy with your kitchen design! Get the look: For an urban industrial kitchen, the Kitchen Craftsmen recommend utilising dark statement colours, grain wood for texture and black accents. Islands also offer additional kitchen storage as well a place to tuck away smaller appliances like microwaves and warming design ideas

A gallery kitchen design can be helpful as the cabinets and appliances line up at one side of the kitchen providing a huge space to place other furniture and decorations. A more open-plan version of the galley kitchen is to have a run of kitchen units along one wall with a kitchen island unit design ideas

One of the top kitchen decorating ideas is to de-clutter the counters and cabinets. Interior designers create an illusion of space with lighting under the cabinets and under the counter. This popular feature can accent your kitchen design, provide years of functional beauty, and make your kitchen more flexible and design ideas

What’s hot in the kitchen: Contemporary kitchens are favoured by the majority of our clients, say Imperial Kitchens. Appliances are an important part of kitchen and some of the appliances are much bigger and require more space and it becomes difficult to place these appliances in small kitchens.

The simple design focuses on one long slim island containing drawers and the sink, plus a skinny length of built-in drawers (handle-free) beneath the hob. From the beauty of wood to the versatility of vinyl, there are kitchen ideas to meet every lifestyle.