Signs Your AC System Needs Servicing

When summer comes upon us, it can get pretty hot indoors if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. It can feel like you have someone pointing a warm hairdryer right on you. It is not fun to try and get through a hot day or night without the feeling of a cool home. Unfortunately, air conditioners need to be maintained to work properly. If you are starting to feel like your home isn’t getting as cool as it should, consider the following signs your system may be in need of servicing from air conditioner Bradenton companies such as the ones found at


Poor Airflow

While this might seem really obvious, small changes in airflow can be overlooked easily. Subtle changes in the airflow of your air conditioner unit can be an indication that your system is working harder than it should. Ignoring symptoms such as lack of airflow can be a big issue that will result in your system burning out. It can also have a huge impact on your electric bill as well. Be sure you are changing out your ac unit’s air filter on a monthly basis.

Thermostat Issues

If you find that you are noticing a difference in the indoor and outdoor temperatures, it could be your thermostat that is to blame. It could be something as simple as it needing a new battery or having too much dust or debris in it. Additional issues could include wires that have become frayed or have corrosion. Either way, it is best to leave those issues up to a professional to fix.

Bad Smells Or Excess Humidity

If you are noticing a new and unfamiliar smell coming into your home while the air is on, it may be your ac system needing to be serviced. There are a number of reasons why your unit could be sending unwanted smells into your home while it is on. However, a smell is definitely cause to get your system checked out for underlying issues.

Air conditioners are a blessing to anyone living in hot and humid climates. However, owning one means having to keep it maintained in order for it to do its job of cooling your home properly. If you notice any of the mentioned issues, or any other issues, it is best to call a professional as soon as possible.