Tips for Window Replacement Project

No matter what your reason is for needing to replace your windows (less maintenance, energy savings, appearance, etc), there are a number of different options that are available for every budget, style and goal.  Here are some tips to help make sure your window replacement Dunkirk MD project goes smoothly and meets all your needs.

Consider your window materials

Windows are available in wood composites, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl and wood.  Cladding options are also available (vinyl with a wood laminate, wood with aluminum or vinyl), various insulating options (thermally broken aluminum, insulated fiberglass or vinyl), and kinds of vinyl (solid vinyl, cellular vinyl).  They each have their own pros and cons, so that is why it is important to research which kind will suit your needs the best.


Select the Right Glass

What kind of pane should you choose for your replacement windows?  Single-pane is very inefficient and is nearly obsolete these days.  Double-pane windows are the most efficient and common option, but there are even more triple-pane windows that are available as well.


Energy efficiency can be increased even further by other features such as Low-E coatings and gas fills that help to reduce heat transmission and protect against fading from sunlight.  A self-cleaning coating is also offered by some manufacturers.


Choose The Window Features That Will Meet Your Needs The Best

In addition to energy-saving features you also need to consider maintenance features of your replacement windows as well.  Some double-hung windows and window hoppers and awnings tilt inward to make them easier to clean.  Other features to consider include the opening mechanisms on hopper, awning and casement windows (durability of the crank assembly), vent locks, screen locks and dual locks.  Double-hung windows are easier to clean than single-hung windows and also open on both the top and bottom.


Style of Windows

Some style of windows seal better than others do, however mostly the choice in window style has more to do with your home’s architectural style and your personal preferences.  In the U.S. there are nine basic styles of windows: hopper, awning, garden, bay, bow, casement, picture, sliding and double-hung.  The most common are double-hung windows, where the bottom and top sashes both open vertically.  Sliding windows come with horizontally gliding halves, where only one half moves.  Casement windows can be cranked open to provide full ventilation.  Picture windows don’t open at all, so there is an unspoiled view without any frame obstructions.


Bow windows have picture or casement windows that are equal in widths, while bay windows feature a more angular and traditional look, with casement or double-hung windows on each side.  Garden windows project 90 degrees out from the home.  Hopper and awning windows are both hinged windows.


Many of these styles of windows may be paired so that interesting configurations can be created to match your home’s style.  Your window dealer can help you come up with ideas if you are unsure what type of replacement windows to choose.