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by Kaylie MacKenzie |
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Here’s a game to make Saturday's Eurovision show extra-special

As the editor of a puzzle magazine, it’s tempting to make a puzzle or a game out of any given activity. (Call me Mary Poppins, "You find the fun and snap, the job’s a game!") Bingo works particularly well for films and TV because you can cross things off on your bingo card while still paying attention to what’s happening on screen.

My favourite TV event of the year is the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ve been making bingo cards for a few years, so I think I’ve got it down to a fine art.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Print out as many bingo cards as you have Eurovision watchers. I’ve made five different ones, so if you’re having a big party you’ll have some duplicates.

  2. Whenever you see something during the grand final that’s written on your sheet, cross it off (or colour it in, draw an amusing picture or anything else which strikes your fancy).

  3. First person to cross off a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins bragging rights until next year!

  4. The middle is a free square, everybody can cross it off immediately.

  5.  Some squares are subjective — what counts as 'sinister staging'? To prevent arguments, this is always up to the person filling in the card. If it’s sinister to you, it counts.


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