I-Spy? GCHQ Sets Puzzle For New Recruits

GCHQ visual puzzle

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Can you solve this puzzle? If the answer is yes, then you might be well on your way to a new career at GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agency. You can find the solution at the bottom of the page...

The puzzle, created with Manchester-based artist Justin Eagleton, requires solvers to identify 13 elements which represent letters of the alphabet. Successful puzzlers will reveal a hidden message by putting these letters together.

GCHQ have released the teaser to mark their arrival on the social media platform LinkedIn. The visual puzzle has been designed for people who “process information differently and possess strong lateral-thinking skills”.

Puzzle solving has a long history within the intelligence services, most famously during the Second World War when the work of codebreakers such as Alan Turing proved crucial.

Within the image are 13 elements that represent letters of the alphabet. Your task is to identify those letters and assemble them to reveal a hidden message.

GCHQ Picture puzzle

GCHQ director Anne Keast-Butler said: “The world is getting more complex and we're only ever going to stay ahead of those threats by bringing together the right mix of minds that lets us tackle the challenges ahead.

“For us, that means bringing in people with different backgrounds, different experience, different insights, different knowledge, and creating a team where all of us can play our part. For us, it's clear that that diversity is mission critical.

“So we're on a journey to make sure that we reach out and connect to people who've never thought of working with us.

“And today we're launching on LinkedIn as a way of starting to showcase a little bit more of the work that we do and some of the amazing people who work at GCHQ.”


Alan Turing and Enigma machine


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