Natasha, Can You Help Me With The Crossword?

Natasha Lyonne crossword

by David Ker |
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A sale of unique celebrity encounters contains something for puzzlers.

An online auction by the Union Solidarity Coalition includes the chance to solve a crossword with actress Natasha Lyonne.

The successful bidder is promised “a fifteen minute existential conversation with Natasha and her dog Rootbeer” while tackling the New York Times teaser.

The Poker Face and Russian Doll lead has described crosswords as a great joy in her life and has previously helped to create a puzzle for the newspaper.

The Zoom chat is one of several star-studded lots featured in the eBay-hosted auction. Proceeds will go towards supporting those impacted by the ongoing writers and actors strike in the USA.

The industrial action began in May and centres around increased compensation from entertainment studios, regulations for AI usage and terms for streaming.

Other experiences on offer to those willing to part with their cash include having Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott walk your dog and Lena Dunham of Girls fame painting a mural in your home.

The auction is scheduled to end on 22 September.

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