Wordle: Most-searched Term On Google In 2022

Wordle being played

by David Ker |
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What’s a five-letter word for runaway success? Whatever it is, chances are that it’s cropped up in the game that had everyone talking in 2022.

Wordle, created by Josh Wardle, was the top trending search globally according to Google’s ‘Year in Search’.

Beating the likes of ‘election results’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’, the word puzzle caught the imagination of a worldwide audience thanks to simple but addictive format.

Players have six chances to guess a five-letter word. However, some words are harder to fathom than others, resulting in a sizable number of internet searches for hints, or even the answer.

The game has retained a loyal following of puzzlers who continue to return each day to work out what word is hiding by the squares.

It was purchased by The New York Times in February 2022 for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Talk about a SMASH!

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