How To Play Musical Statues

Statue with headphones and turntable

by Puzzles HQ |
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Musical Statues is a popular party game. Here are the basic rules:


1. Music

Prepare a playlist of music with the ability to start and stop.

2. Space

Clear a space where players can move and dance freely.


1. Let’s dance

Start playing the music. This is the signal for the players to start dancing.

2. Stop the music

At random intervals, stop the music. This is the cue for the players to freeze in place.

3. Judging

The person in charge walks around and observes the frozen players to make sure they’re still and not moving.

4. Elimination

Any player who is caught moving is out of the game for the current round.

5. Repeat

Repeat the gameplay until only one player remains.

Did you know that the largest recorded number of people to play a game of musical statues is 1,308? The Guinness World Record was set on 16 May 2022 in Florida, USA.

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