How To Play The Sticky Notes Game

Friends playing sticky notes who am I game

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The Sticky Notes Game is a quick and easy game, perfect for parties. Here are the basic rules:


1. Materials needed

Sticky notes, pens and a timer.

2. Write clues

Each player writes a word or phrase on a sticky note without revealing it to others. The word or phrase should be related to a specific category or theme decided upon by the group (movies, famous landmarks, animals, eg).


1. Draw a sticky note

Players take turns drawing a sticky note from a container or pile (making sure not to reveal the word to themselves).

2. Guessing the word

The player who drew the sticky note sticks it to their forehead (without looking at it) so that the word is facing outwards.

3. Yes or no

The player can ask the other participants yes or no questions to try to guess the word. They continue asking questions until they receive a ‘no’ answer.

4. Time limit (optional)

You can set a time limit for each round to keep the game moving.

5. Winning

If the player can’t guess the word within the time limit (if set) or after a set number of questions the turn passes to another player.

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