How To Play What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

Children playing what's the time mr wolf game

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What’s the Time Mr Wolf? is a classic children’s game. Here are the basic rules:

1. Setup

Choose one player to be ‘Mr Wolf.’ This player will stand at one end of the game area facing away from the players, the other players stand at the other end facing Mr Wolf.

2. Asking the time

Players call out in unison, “What’s the time, Mr Wolf”. Mr Wolf responds with a time (“It’s three o’clock!”, eg).

3. Advancing

The players then take the corresponding number of steps towards Mr Wolf. For example, if Mr Wolf says that it’s three o’clock, the players take three steps forward.

4. Turning around

At any point, Mr Wolf can respond to the question with “Dinnertime!” When this happens, Mr Wolf turns around quickly to face the other direction.

5. Chasing

After Mr Wolf says “Dinnertime” and turns around, the players have to quickly turn and run back to their starting point.

6. Tagging

Mr Wolf tries to tag one of the players before they reach the starting point.

7. Role reversal

If a player is tagged, they become the new Mr Wolf for the next round.

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