How To Play Wink Murder

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Wink Murder is a game that relies on intuition, observation, and a bit of acting. Here are the basic rules:


1. Participants

Gather a group of players. This game is best with 4-8 participants, but it can be played with more.

2. Selecting the Detective and Murderer

Randomly choose one person to be the ‘Detective’ and one to be the ‘Murderer’. This is done by selecting two pieces of folder paper, one with a ‘D’ written on it and the other with an ‘M’. Have enough pieces of paper so that there is one for each player (the rest of the pieces are blank).

3. A Detective is announced

Whoever has picked the Detective paper announces themselves. The rest of the players sit in a circle with the detective standing in the middle. The identity of the Murderer remains a secret.


1. Winking

The Murderer’s goal is to discreetly ‘kill’ another player by winking at them.

2. Detective’s role

The Detective’s role is to observe the interactions and try to deduce who the Murderer is. The Detective does not participate in the winking.

3. The murder

If a player receives a wink, they must dramatically ‘die’ by reacting in an exaggerated manner (after a pause, if desired). They should not reveal who winked at them.

4. Guessing the murderer

After a player ‘dies’, the Detective has the chance to pick who they think is the murderer. If they can’t guess yet, the game continues and another ‘murder’ will occur.

5. Winning

If the Detective correctly identifies the Murderer, the Detective wins. If the Murderer is not identified, the Murderer wins.

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