Helen Bridal

Helen Bridal author bio photo
Helen Bridal author bio photo
CREDIT: Helen Bridal

Helen is one of our Editors at Puzzles HQ, and she also co-created the The Official Coronation Street Puzzle Book.

Some people call her the ‘OG puzzles nepo-baby’ because her dad is one of the UK’s leading cryptic crossword compilers (most people just call her ‘Helen’ though).

Due to her dad’s crosswording side-hustle and her mum’s love of literature, she grew up in a wordy family and went on to gain a first-class English degree at the University of Manchester.

Helen met her other half Joe through their jobs in magazines. Back in the day, they came joint first in a music quiz opposite Primal Scream music producer Andrew Weatherall at an electro music festival in Croatia. While engaged, Helen and Joe also appeared on Pointless – thankfully, Joe got the final question right and they won the jackpot, so Helen was happy to go through with the marriage.

Favourites puzzle: Cryptic crossword or Logic

Favourite game: Uno