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Would you Adam and Eve it – the Boat Race doesn’t pass within earshot of the Bow Bells. And yet, it’s inspired one of the best-known bits of Cockney rhyming slang, as well as this quiz, which is all about how Cockneys chew the fat (that’s chat). Scroll down for the answers.

1. Which TV show starring Michelle Keegan takes its title from the Cockney slang for ‘skint’?

Michelle Keegan and cast of Brassic

2. How much would you get if you added a pony to a monkey?

3. From the list below, select the three celebs who have lent their names to a bit of slang:

Pete Tong
Patsy Palmer
Ruby Murray
Hank Marvin
Mo Farah

4. Pick the word that completes the popular slang for ‘telephone’: __ and bone.


5. Which London town (and now borough) is also slang for ‘hair’, due to the horse fair that was once held there?

6. Where might you score a Geoff, an Attila, a Desmond, or a Thora?

At university
On the golf course
At the bingo hall
Playing poker

7. On what part of the body would you wear your turtle doves?

Plates of meat
Bushel and peck
Mince pies
German bands

8. What are you doing if you’re having a bubble, a giraffe or a Turkish?

9. Pick the bit of slang that DOESN’T complete the name of this radio show: I’m Sorry I Haven’t a _

Scooby doo
Danny La Rue

10. If caught, who might end up doing bird (time in prison)?

Tea leaf
Dustbin lid
Skin and blister
Bottle and stopper

Answers below

Pencil shavings and newspaper crossword



1. Brassic

2. 525

3. Pete Tong (Wrong), Hank Marvin (Starving) and Ruby Murray (Curry)

4. Dog

5. Barnet

6. At university – they’re degree classifications

7. Your turtle doves (gloves) go on your German bands (hands)

8. Laughing

9. Timbuktu

10. Tea leaf (thief)


10 A Cock and Hen (that’s 10, but you already know that!) We reckon you could go toe to toe with Cockney geezer Danny Dyer himself.
7-9 Almost fluent, me old china (china plate: mate) – you can natter with the best of them.
4-6 So-so: you must have been ducking and diving (skiving) the day they taught Cockney at school.
1-3 You’re in a bit of Barney Rubble (trouble) here – your Cockney is cream crackered (knackered).

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