Games Like Wordle: Meet In The Middle With Betweenle

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Betweenle is a game which, like Wordle, has a five-letter word solution. Players must use a process of deduction and their knowledge of the English alphabet to determine the answer. Numbers and an orange dot tell the solver whether their guess appears before or after the mystery word answer in the dictionary.

How to play

1. Start by entering a five-letter word.

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2. If the word is not the secret word it will move up or down, depending on where it appears relative to the guessed word in the alphabet.

Moves up = secret word is after the guessed word in the alphabet.

Moves down = secret word is before the guessed word in the alphabet.

Placement of orange dot = secret word is much closer to this guessed word.

Number = distance from the secret word to the guessed word in the dictionary (in the below example the number 12 tells us that the distance from the secret word to the guessed word ‘STORY’ is 12%).

Betweenle 2

3. Guess a new word which takes into account the information received from the first guess.

Betweenle 3

4. Every guessed word gives you a better idea of where the secret word appears in the alphabet. Continue the process until you get the answer or run out of guesses.

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What’s the verdict?

This is one to add to your bookmarks. Betweenle takes a tried-and-tested formula and tweaks it in a way which lovers of language can’t help but appreciate.

Once accustomed to the concept you’ll find the gameplay enjoyable and the design satisfying. Watch as your answers fly up or down and, with any luck, you eventually land on the correct choice.

When we call this a halfway house between Wordle and a browse of perfectly organised bookshop shelves, it’s meant as a compliment.

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