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by Christine Scott |
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How likely are you to have any chance of understanding a teenager? Generation Z are those born between the ages of 1997 and 2012, and like any generation, they have their own set of vocab.

Am I sentencing these words to the depths of uncool by writing them all down and telling people what they mean? Very possibly. But hey, I’m doing it anyway! It’s time to test where your Gen Z vocab knowledge is at… Answers at the bottom of the page.

1 If you slay, what are you doing?

A. Erm, committing murder

B. Doing really well

C. Doing really badly

2 If something is extra, what is it?

A. Optional

B. Well over the top

C. Exceptional

3 If you see a snack over there, what have you spotted?

A. A thief

B. Something to eat between meals

C. A physically attractive person

4 Look out! There’s a GOAT! But is it…

A. An alpine animal with horns, staring at you?

B. A complete ninny – hide!

C. The greatest of all time, coming this way!

5 I’m feeling salty. Am I…

A. Massively dehydrated

B. Jealous, bitter, and possibly a bit angry

C. Astute and quick-witted

6 Oh wait, now I’m thirsty! What am I now?

A. Still massively dehydrated

B. Desperate, probably for attention

C. Hard-working

7 Thank goodness for that. I’m finally sipping tea. Which means…

A. I’m drinking remarkably slowly, considering how parched I’ve been.

B. I’m earning a decent amount of money

C. I’m listening to gossip

8 If something is wig, it is:

A. Completely amazing

B. Very scary

C. False, like fake hair

9 And if it is lit, is it:

A. Famous, in the spotlight

B. Well informed, well-read

C. Exciting, great fun

10 Finally, if something is no cap, what is it?

A. Brazen, in your face

B. When someone doesn’t wear a hat

C. Authentic, truthful

Answers below

Pearly King



1 B – If you slay you’re doing really well

2 B – If something is extra it’s well over the top

3 C – If you see a snack you’ve spotted a physically attractive person

4 C – A goat is the greatest of all time

5 B – If you’re felling salty you’re jealous, bitter, and possibly a bit angry

6 B – If you’re salty you’re desperate, probably for attention

7 C – If you’re sipping tea you’re listening to gossip

8 A – If something is wig it’s completely amazing

9 C – If something is lit it’s exciting, great fun

10 C – If something is no cap it’s authentic, truthful


1-3 Cheugy
I hope you’ve been taking notes!

4-7 Bit of a low-key result here
But you’re on your way to becoming fluent. Bet!

8-10 You understood the assignment.
Are you seventeen?

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