How To Play Horse: A Catching Game For Children Of All Ages

Four children playing catch outside

by Kaylie MacKenzie |
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Horse is a good outdoor game for sunny days, and easy enough for older children to play unsupervised. Here are the rules:


  1. Materials needed

At least two players, a ball, and an outdoor space.


1. If playing with three or more, players stand in a roughly circular shape. If playing with two, stand opposite one another

2. Pick a player to start

This can be oldest, youngest, nearest birthday, any method you like.

3. The first player throws the ball to the next player, who tries to catch it

You can either go in order around the circle (clockwise or anticlockwise) or have the player choose at random for more of a challenge.

4. If the second player catches the ball, they throw it to the next player

Carry on until someone misses their catch.

5. When a player misses the ball, they earn the first letter of the word HORSE

Resume and repeat.

6. When a player misses the ball for a second time, they earn the second letter of the word HORSE

And so on, until they have all 5 letters.

7. Any player who spells H-O-R-S-E is out!

For an extra challenge, make the circle bigger every time you lose a player.

8. Winning

The last player standing wins.

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