How To Play Sardines

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Sardines is a parlour game similar to Hide-and-Seek, but with a twist. Here are the rules:


1. Gather the players

Sardines is best played with a larger group and a decent amount of options for hiding places.

2. Decide on the boundaries of the game

Inside, outside, both? One floor of a house or the entire building? Make your choice.

3. Pick the first sardine

In traditional Hide-and-Seek one person seeks while the others hide. By contrast, in Sardines, one person hides (initially) while everyone else seeks.


4. Start the game

The first sardine hides. The other players count to a number (60 seconds, eg).

5. Begin the search

Once the countdown is over, everyone starts searching for the player who is hiding. The goal is not to be the first to find them, but rather to join them quietly in their hiding spot once found.

6. Create the sardines tin

As players find the first sardine, they quietly squeeze into the hiding spot with them (like sardines packed tightly in a tin). The last person to find the group becomes the first sardine in the next round.

7. Repeat

Enjoy the increasingly farcical process of filling a small space with several people as many times as you like.

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