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You’re in the right place if you want to get ahead of the game — puzzles have been our business for over 30 years.

As the creators of best-selling magazines like Take a Puzzle and Take a Crossword, we know a thing or two about what makes a good brain teaser.

Plus, just like our feathered friend, we’re determined to find the solution to any problem out there (and help you do the same).

Bird's-eye view

Studies have shown that in addition to being fun, puzzles and games can help reduce stress levels and keep our brains in gear.

Our Tips & Tricks are a good place to start your solving journey or improve your skills. If you can’t find an expert guide for your favourite puzzle, let us know.

Beyond practical advice, we also share News, Features and Reviews, which include everything from how the emergence of AI affects the world of puzzles to what board games to pick for a family games night.

Prefer to get hands-on? Try our selection of free-to-play puzzle games. There are new arrowwords, codebreakers, crosswords, sudokus and wordsearches every day.

From those who make, for those who solve

Our team is filled with self-confessed puzzle lovers, whose passion extends far beyond the working week. Many at Puzzles HQ have received TV quiz namechecks, with appearances on shows including Only Connect, The Weakest Link, Pointless, Impossible and University Challenge.

Between us, we have decades of experience and diverse interests ranging from traditional pen-and-paper teasers to the latest in virtual reality gaming.

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How does this impact your reviews?

Puzzles HQ’s reviews are our genuine opinions of the products we test. Our recommendations are independent and come from first-hand experience.

We’re a discerning bunch and any affiliate partnerships do not impact on the product choices we make, or the reviews we write. There is no pressure on our team to choose particular products or brands; we won’t recommend a product that we don’t believe in. The products will speak for themselves when you invest in them.

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