Niall Jones

Niall Jones author bio photo
Niall Jones author bio photo
CREDIT: Niall Jones

Niall is an Editorial Assistant. He joined the team two years ago, but would probably have joined earlier, had he realised that he could turn a passion for puzzles into a career.

He has long enjoyed solving puzzles and was a member of a sudoku club in primary school. Working at Puzzles HQ has also introduced him to a range of new puzzles and he has recently learned how to solve cryptic crosswords.

He also has a keen interest in quizzing. While studying for an English Literature degree, he reached the second round of University Challenge, representing Southampton. He also appeared on the 2021-22 series of Only Connect, where he reached the semi-finals as part of the Ramblers team. Since then, he has continued to quiz with friends, both in-person and in online leagues.

His favourite part of working at Puzzles HQ is the chance to put his own spin on content, whether that’s developing quiz questions inspired by a quote from Julius Caesar or coming up with baking-based film puns for a wordsearch.

Favourite puzzle: Skeleton

Favourite game: Scrabble